Benefits (Polish)

Use Polish (Turmeric & Cane Sugar Body Scrub Protection) for discoloured skin, hyperpigmentation under arms, elbows and bikini line. This scrub does not stain nails

Polish comes as part of the Body Acne/Hyperpigmentation Kit, which is designed to assist with dark marks, body acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and discoloured skin.

Key Actives: demerara sugar, organic extra virgin olive oil, turmeric

Raw Cane Sugar - cleans skin and dissolves dead skin cells

Turmeric - anti-inflammatory to reduce scars, heal wounds and calm the skin

Sweet Almond Oil - treats eczema, psoriasis, improves acne and dissolves excess oil on the skin

Olive Oil - vitamins A, D, K and E to moisturise and fight bacteria